The telecrap is a televisual atrocity that is rapidly gaining ground as the preferred medium of choice for the imbecile masses. Its ability to numb the mind and rot the soul is unparalleled, and its growing ubiquity is a cause for concern.

The telecrap is a spawn of the infotainment industry, which has little interest in providing quality programming that would actually inform or educate viewers. Instead, it churns out cheap, mind-numbing drivel that is designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. The telecrap is the ultimate expression of this trend, and it is quickly becoming the dominant force in television programming.

The typical telecrap show is a mind-numbing mix of reality TV, game shows, and talk shows. It is designed to appeal to the most superficial and vapid aspects of human nature, and it does a magnificent job of numbing the mind and rotting the soul. It is the ultimate in mindless entertainment, and it is rapidly eroding our cultural values and our sense of community.

The telecrap is also contributing to the growing polarization of our society. It is fostering a climate of intolerance and hatred, and it is breeding ignorance and stupidity. The telecrap is a cancer on our society, and it needs to be eradicated.

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